Theology Talks

Everybody does theology, whether they know it or not. Anytime we ask a question about God, we are doing theology.

Theology Talks is a monthly discussion about different theological topics. Each month, a list of resources will be placed on this page for the upcoming discussion. As the learner, you can read/listen to/digest as much or as little of the information as you have time for in order to prepare for the class. The more you take in ahead of time, the more you will learn and be able to contribute to the discussion. But its up to you!


Monday, September 24

Topic: Unity Of The Bible: How The Old and New Testaments Work Together (Dispensations and Covenants)

Overview Chart of the Spectrum of Views


  1. Dispensation of Innocence (Pre-fall)
  2. Dispensation of Conscience (Expulsion from the garden of Eden until Noah)
  3. Dispensation of Human Government (After Noah until the call of Abraham)
  4. Dispensation of Promise (Call of Abraham to beginning of the Exodus)
  5. Dispensation of Law (Beginning with Exodus and ending with Crucifixion)
  6. Dispensation of Grace (Resurrection of Christ until today)
  7. Millennial Kingdom of Christ (Future reign of Christ)


  1. Covenant of Redemption
  2. Covenant of Works
  3. Covenant of Grace
  4. Covenant of Creation (only seen in NCT)

Biblical Covenants

  1. Noahic
  2. Abrahamic
  3. Mosaic
  4. Davidic


Overview and Differences

Traditional Dispensationalism

Progressive Dispensationalism

New Covenant Theology/Prog. Covenantalism

1689 Federalism

Westminster Covenantalism