The Certainty of Christmas


Christmas has always been a time that families look forward to. We love the presents, the family traditions, trees, and big dinners. It is amazing to see how different everyone’s Christmas traditions are and how much they mean to them.

But, the true meaning of Christmas is much more than all that listed above. As Christians, we know that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. It’s about His advent into the world. Jesus was not just a little baby. He’s the Son of God. As the Son of God, He came to die for the sins of mankind and save a people for Himself from its own destruction.

We’ll be in the first two chapters of Luke during the end of November and the whole month of December. Luke 2 has been the classic Christmas story with even the Peanuts gang reading key lines. It’s become such a beautiful story that some may question the historical accuracy of those words. However, Luke was written to show the world around that this was not some legendary story, but in fact, it was absolutely true. Luke writes in the first four verses to his benefactor, a man named Theophilus, to investigate the history of Christianity. He then writes his two part volume (Luke and Acts) to show him from first-hand accounts the story of Jesus.

We hope you’ll join us this Christmas.