On Sunday, January 2nd, our very own Cody Bobay (founder of SOULCON and GIBBORIM) will be bringing a challenging message to help us kick off the new year. Part of his message will include a charge to the Men of Redemption Church to take control of their spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional health. We wanted to give you a heads up on how to do this through the SOULCON Challenge, an amazing program that helps men become better disciples of Christ.

What is SOULCON? The SOULCON community unites Christian men as they strengthen each other along their personal faith journey. Each 6-week challenge will inspire you to be the warrior in Christ this world needs you to be.

The SOULCON Challenge teams are some of the best experiences for warriors of Christ today. During these six weeks you will join men from around the world taking on the SOULCON Challenge day by day with you.

There will be:

  • weekly video conference calls for your team on Tuesday nights at 8:30pm CST
  • daily communication with your team in the private phone app
  • uniquely designed team shirts
  • a brotherhood formed that we pray is never broken

Find out more details about SOULCON by clicking HERE.

Download The APP: Each 6-week SOULCON Challenge is best accomplished through the GIBBORIM App. Although there are subscription levels inside of the GIBBORIM program, the SOULCON portion of the app is free. You can download the app by clicking HERE.

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Join Our Sunday Zoom Meeting

Pastor Nick Erickson will be leading an informational meeting on Zoom on Sunday evening, January 2nd, at 8 pm. You can join the Zoom meeting at:

Meeting ID – 84558017041

Password – soulcon