Redemption Men is a place where men can grow in their faith through bible studies, fellowship, and service. Check out below what’s going on in this awesome ministry!




We’ll meet in person at the church the second Saturday of each month from 8-10 am. We will also meet via Zoom call every fourth Saturday of the month. This will be a continuous study basically every other time in person.

All though you don’t need the book to attend we would encourage you to get this as there is some great personal study that goes along with this program. If you’re not moving forward in your spiritual life you are moving backwards. There is no standing still. Breakfast will be provided for the in-person meetings.

The schedule will be as follows:

October 10th: In-person
October 31: Zoom
Due to holidays November and December will be once per month
November 14th: In-person
December 12th: In-person
January 9th: In-person