Being a Dad That Loves Jesus Above Everything


Every June and every Father’s Day, I am reminded about the amount of things that fathers often feel they need to do and be. These include providing for their families financially, loving their families emotionally, and leading their families spiritually. Very often, dads are busy men trying to wear many different hats and juggle lots of different activities.


Dads, be sure not to ever be too busy or too lazy to follow Jesus. Some dads are constantly working. They work on their jobs, their lawns, and their cars. These dads don’t have any time for their families because they don’t intentionally make time for them. Other dads are too lazy to spend time with their families because they waste countless hours watching Netflix or pointless Youtube videos on the internet. Both busyness and laziness are often symptoms of selfishness. By pursuing Jesus, we find our lives re-centered on what’s important, and that leads to a healthy family life.


  1. You will be a better husband by pursuing Jesus.

One of the best ways you can be a good dad to your kids is by loving your wife well. You love your wife well by following after Jesus. The more you understand how Jesus gave up his life for his bride, the more you learn how to demonstrate a similar heart and attitude to your wife. It’s not easy, but it is what we are called to do.


  1. You will be a stronger leader of your family by pursuing Jesus.

Men have a hard time learning what true strength looks like. It doesn’t mean you have to spend 6 hours in the gym everyday, and it doesn’t mean you have to learn how to cry. Real, masculine strength is exemplified in knowing how to lean on the strength of the Lord. Following Jesus frees us up to be bold and humble at the same time. One of the greatest things you can teach your kids is how to depend upon the strength of Jesus.


  1. You will be a more loving father by pursuing Jesus.

By pursuing Jesus, we learn how to love others well. Sometimes, we see our children as disruptions to our master plans and schedules. When we realize what Jesus gave up for us, we can, in turn, give up our selfish desires to love our kids.


  1. You will balance your priorities better by pursuing Jesus.

Pursuing Jesus constantly reminds us of our sinfulness and selfishness. It shows us how desperately we need Jesus and how we are prone to make decisions based upon ourselves. When we pursue Jesus, we start to realize that the things we used to think were important no longer are, and the things we once thought unimportant are the most important of all.