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Church Planting

Northern Utah is the most unreached region of the US. From 2010 to 2020, the evangelical population has decreased and still sits at an average of 2% evangelical Christian. Some zip codes in this region have less than 1% evangelical. We believe the Great Commission has not been completed and that the Gospel must move forward into these areas. The biblical strategy for reaching the nations involves evangelism, disciple-making, and starting new churches. The process of starting churches in pioneering areas is incredibly difficult, which is why the RFC was launched.


Church planting is one of the key goals of the RFC mission. We believe that through church planting, expressions of Gospel community can be started in areas all across northern Utah. These communities act as embassies for the kingdom of God where the Gospel is preached, the Bible is taught, believers gather together in community, and missionaries are sent out to the nations.
If you are interested in being part of the church planting work of the RFC, you can find out more info here.


Church Adoption

We believe that this model of ministry is an extremely healthy model even if it is not the only model of healthy ministry. The RFC has had connections with other local churches in the northern Utah area that have had desires to be a part of the RFC. This is something that the RFC welcomes while realizing that this model is not fit for every church.


If churches want to join the RFC, the leadership team of that local church and a member RFC church will start conversations together about the possibility of that local church being adopted into the family. Those conversations will help determine if this local church is a good fit for the RFC and if the RFC is a good fit for that local church.


There are lots of reasons why churches might want to consider the adoption process. Some churches are plateaued and declining and are looking for solutions to bring back health and vitality to their church. Other churches might be desiring a stronger level of partnership and networking with other like-minded churches. Whatever the reason might be, the RFC would be happy to start those conversations.

Church Support

If the RFC is not a good fit for your church, it still might be a great place to connect with other churches. The RFC will, from time to time, host events and conferences that are open to the wider Christian community. Ultimately, the RFC is about kingdom work throughout northern Utah and always seeks to find commonality and collaboration with other like-minded churches.

Interested in learning more about church planting with the Redemption Family of Churches? We would love to start a conversation.

Leadership Development

In order to accomplish the mission of the RFC, it is important that we develop a culture of healthy leadership that is multiplied through discipleship in our local churches. We see this happening in three primary ways. The Leadership School, Pastoral Apprenticeship, and Pastoral Residency. This focus challenges all believers to take seriously the call to follow Jesus and make disciples.

Leadership School

The Leadership School produces missional leaders to fill every area of our local churches. These leaders will learn basic theology, hermeneutics, ecclesiology, and more while getting a practical hands-on approach learning practical ministry.

Pastoral Apprenticeship

The Pastoral Apprenticeship is for young men who aspire to pastoral ministry. This allows us to start building a pastoral pipeline of shepherds who can help lead and pastor local churches.

Pastoral Residency

The Residency is for those men who are a year or two out from planting a church or from being sent overseas to work with unreached peoples. This will be a paid position and will prepare residents for a healthy launch.

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Community Transformation

The RFC is working towards developing a Christian counseling center with the goal of launching by 2028. This counseling center will serve the local community for those needing counseling and be a resource to a population of people who deal with record levels of depression, anxiety, teen suicide, addictions, and many others.

Gospel Missions

The RFC has chosen to form a strategic partnership with Central Asia. This partnership has been forged to help the disciple-making work among an unreached people group in this region of the world. This involves Bible translation, supporting field workers in that region, and finding opportunities to move workers from RFC member churches to the field. As the RFC continues to grow, it seeks to endorse and send out those family units to these unreached peoples to see the Gospel move forward and the kingdom to expand to places it has never gone before.

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