Find Hope

The Gospel is the most important message you will ever hear in this life. It is central to who we are as followers of Jesus, and we want everyone to know the hope we have in Him!

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Sunday mornings
10:00 AM

21 N. Main Street
Kaysville, UT 84037


God created the universe, including man and woman from absolutely nothing. He created it good.


However, man and woman rejected God’s rule over them. Their rebellious action affected us all. Through out attitudes and actions, we have declared ourselves God’s enemies. This rebellion results in physical and spiritual death along with God’s eternal punishment.


Thankfully. God determined to turn evil and suffering into good for his ultimate glory. He did this through His Son Jesus. God, Himself, came to renew the world and restore His people by suffering the punishment we deserved. There is now HOPE for those who turn from their sin and turn to Jesus for forgiveness!


God’s ultimate plan is to restore this broken world and create it anew. He uses his church to be change agents in the world sharing this message of Good News and fighting for justice to change the world from its broken, fallen ways to a world that looks much more like God’s original design knowing that one day God will fully fix all the hurt in our world.