The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Matthew 9:37

The Redemption Leadership School is for men and women with leadership potential who have a desire to lead others in great commission living. These could be small group leaders, men’s and women’s group leaders, children’s teachers, missionaries, etc. These leaders will learn basic theology, hermeneutics, ecclesiology, and more while getting a hands on approach to learning practical ministry in an unreached part of North America.

Leadership School Objectives

Theology + Ministry

Introduce aspiring church leaders to sound theology and ministry opportunities.

Leadership Development

Provide students with the tools and context to become a high-capacity leader.

Multiply Disciples

Our goal is to produce students who will become missional disciple makers.

Leadership School Strategy

Fall 2024 Semester begins Monday, August 12th, 2024


2 Years (4 Semesters)

Year 1: Instruction

Year 2: Practicum


Theological Disciplines

Spiritual Disciplines

Ministerial Disciplines


Classroom Lectures
and Discussions
Position Papers
Spiritual Discipline
Ministry framework,
philosophy, and practice

Still have questions or need more information?

We would love to connect with you and provide you with our Fall 2024 syllabus and course schedule. If you have more questions that have yet to be answered please contact Pastor Casey Swails.

Vision Trips

Join us for a 2-3 day immersion experience to learn of the Gospel need in Utah, how the Redemption Family of Churches is engaging lost people and communities, and how your church or ministry can partner through the Redemption Leadership School and other RFC initiatives.


Your group will be responsible for travel, lodging, and food expenses for your time in Utah. We will assist you in planning the logistics of a fruitful vision trip with us in Utah. We would love to have you for a fall, spring, or summer break trip. To plan a vision trip, contact Pastor Casey.

Send Students

When partnering with the Redemption Family of Churches, your students can move to the area, find jobs, and be developed as part of the Redemption Leadership School. Redemption Leadership School is an education opportunity designed for students who are immersed in Utah’s culture on a full time basis through jobs and community engagement.


A monthly newsletter will be emailed out to all partners detailing Redemption Leadership School updates, RFC updates, ways to be praying, and any needs that arise. We would love for you to become an RFC partner by connecting us with your soon-to-be graduates to train them in great commission leadership and provide them with the opportunity to practice it in an unreached context.


To start the conversation about sending students to Redemption Leadership School and making the missional transition to Utah, contact Pastor Casey.

Living On Mission

Utah is a great place to find job opportunities in a variety of fields, find new places in the city and in nature to explore, and live among a massive group of people who are strangers to the biblical gospel. We would love to help you explore job opportunities, housing options, and smoothly adjust to living on mission with us in Utah.


Redemption Leadership School students will learn basic theology, hermeneutics, ecclesiology, and more while getting a hands-on approach to learning practical ministry in the most unreached state in America. Redemption Leadership School is designed for students with a full time work schedule to be challenged in godly leadership while maintaining a healthy work, home, and personal life.


To begin exploring the opportunity to live on mission in Utah and be developed as a great commission leader, complete the Leadership School Application. Pastor Casey will contact each applicant within 2 weeks of completion. This application season will close on July 1st, 2024.

Financial Partnership Redemption Leadership School

Give support to the RFC and designate to Redemption Leadership School if you would like to support a particular student or the ministry of leadership development.