New Sermon Series this Sunday!!!

Series Title: God & Family

Have you ever wondered why God created the family? Many of us are so consumed with activities involving the family that we don’t have the time to sit and think about its specific purpose and design. Families are unique in that each one looks different from another. There is no set shape, size or makeup that is right or wrong.

Some families include biological children. Others include adopted children or children who are staying with them temporarily. And some families have a mixture of both. Some families may not have any children living under their roof, but still maintain an influence in the lives of children in their neighborhood, church or social circle. Even a person who is single has the ability to have a monumental impact on the people around them.The point is, while not every family looks the same (and that is ok), every family should understand that it has been formed and fashioned by God and has a purpose in his kingdom.

On July 2nd, we will begin a brand new series called, “God & The Family”. Our main goal in this series is to explain why God created the family and how that understanding should shape our marriages, inform us on how to parent our children, and even give us insight on how our families can be a living example of the gospel and the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. We hope you’ll join us as we explore God’s word each week as we hit these themes:

-Why Families?
-Marriage As A Picture Of The Gospel
-Love & Respect
-Singleness and Dating
-Parenting From Proverbs/Obedience & Discipline
-Adoption/Foster Care