Continuing our Gospel of Mark Series

We just wrapped up our “God Speaks” series at Redemption and will now be jumping back into “The Gospel of Mark” series. This puts us up to Mark 13, also known as the Olivet Discourse. This passage is one of the most diversely interpreted passages in all of Scripture. What I mean by that is very smart people all throughout Christian history have struggled with the meaning and interpretation of this passage.

Eschatology and Last Things

One of the reasons this passage is so difficult is that it talks about things such as second coming of Jesus, tribulation, the universe being destroyed, etc. Also, the Bible doesn’t give us particulars. The purpose of eschatology is not to give us the day or hour things or going to happen (Matthew 24:36). It’s to encourage believers that Jesus wins, sin is defeated, Satan is punished, and, we have hope as believers. Jesus didn’t intend to give us blueprints for his plan of the end of the world even though there will be one.

Preconceived Notions and Presuppositions

When it comes to the end of the world, everyone comes to these topics with ideas and opinions that have lodged into our worldview from our church culture and world in the past. We hope that this series will challenge your worldview and help you to think through what the Bible is really saying and not what you want it to say.

Your Pastor Might Be Dead Wrong on His Eschatology

As we preach through this difficult passage, realize that this is a doctrine that your pastor, and any other authority for that matter, do not have all the answers here. Bobby has questions about this subject just like you do.


What we do not want for you to do, after this series, is to look for hidden Bible codes or secret lunar references. The application for the believer is to remain vigilant and watchful. It’s to stay committed, now more than ever, to the preaching of the Gospel to those who don’t believe and the dedication to Christ. Don’t go selling your home, pull out lawn chairs, and wait for final destruction. Stay rooted. Stay sober-minded.

Looking forward to this series! Starting October 5, 10:30AM at the Ziegfeld Theater.