Join us on Easter Sunday, April 16th for a fantastic day! We’ll begin the day at 9:30 a.m. by eating a meal together. If you can bring a breakfast casserole to share with everyone, that would be great! Please sign-up at THIS LINK and let us know what you’ll be bringing!

We’ll also be celebrating new life in Christ through baptism! If you are a follower of Christ and have not been baptized, we’d love to talk with you about making your faith public through baptism. Please email Bobby, Daniel or Nick if you have questions or if you would like to be baptized on Easter.

Finally, we’ll be taking communion together. This is a time when we reflect on what Christ did for us as his body was broken and his blood was shed on the cross. This is a time for believers, those who have placed their faith and trust in Christ, to remember the sacrifice that Jesus made.