What Is A Discipleship Group?

Discipleship Groups help to create a culture for every believer to have intimate friendships, accountability, and most importantly, a life rooted in God’s word. 

How Do Discipleship Groups Work?

Discipleship Groups are gender-specific, closed groups of 3-5 believers who meet together frequently for the purpose of accelerated spiritual transformation. It is not evangelistic in its form or function, but in its fruit: It makes disciples who will then go on to make more disciples.

Discipleship Groups form through pre-existing, meaningful relationships with other believers in environments like community groups, bible studies, or volunteer teams. Because of this, Discipleship Groups are not simply joined, but started.

Join us as we walk through what it looks like to start a Discipleship Group.

How Do I Become A Part Of A Discipleship Group?

  1. Find 3-4 men or 3-4 women who you have made connections with through church life (community groups, Sunday morning, volunteer teams, etc.).
  2. Establish who will take lead of this group and have them register the group.
  3. The leader will pick up a discipleship group packet at the connections table on a Sunday morning. 
  4. Establish when your group can meet and begin meeting regularly.  

Ready To Register A Group?