When Jesus started His earthly ministry, one of the first things He did was go to common, ordinary men: fishermen, tax collectors, blue-collar workers. He told them, “Follow me.” Those who followed Jesus we call disciples. Literally, disciple means “student.” Disciples were common in first-century Israel. If you wanted to be a student of a certain Rabbi, you started following him around learning what he would teach you. Jesus didn’t wait for those to come to Him. Instead, He called and He chose the disciples to follow Him. The men He called weren’t special in any way. They had no theological background. They hadn’t lived incredibly righteous lives. In fact, one of the first disciples was a terrorist! Yet, their lives changed when Jesus called them.

Starting on August 2nd, we are going to look at what it means to follow Jesus. Lots of people claim to believe in God, but do they really? I can claim to know the President from what I’ve seen on TV or newspaper, but I don’t really know him. I might even be able to develop an accurate view of him as a person, but unless we were to become friends, I won’t really know him. Many people claim to know Jesus, but they don’t truly know Him. Even those who spend their lives in church.

Going to a church makes you a Christian just as much as going to a garage makes you a car. So, what does it mean to follow Jesus? It starts with the decision to follow Him and accept His gift of forgiveness on the cross. Come join us for a five week series called “Counting the Cost” starting on August 2nd as we explore what it looks like to follow Jesus.

When and Where?

We meet at the Ziegfeld Theater (3934 Washington Blvd. Ogden, UT 84403) at 10:30AM. Come as you are. There’s no dress code or anything we require to attend our service. We also have a children’s ministry for infants and kids. Hope to see you on Sunday!

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