What does it mean to endure? What is the most extreme example of physical endurance you’ve ever accomplished? What about one you’ve heard of or read about?


Who made up “the great cloud of witnesses” that the passage mentions? Where is the author going with the line of thought after chapter 11?


What encouragement do we take from the endurance that Christ showed in his lifetime? How does our endurance compare to that of Christ?


What is the difference between the Lord’s discipline and the Lord’s wrath? Why is it important to make a distinction between the two?


Think back to when your parents disciplined you as a child (if they did). Do you think you are better, or worse off because of their discipline (or lack thereof)?


What is so difficult about spiritual discipline? Why don’t we typically like it?


Jesus never promised that everything would be easy once a person turns to Christ. In fact, we know that many times the opposite is the case. How can we continue to live faithfully without making excuses for our sin? Our shortcomings?