Tyndale House Step Bible

This is a really neat online tool for anyone wanting to further their bible study skills. It helps the reader see side by side comparisons of different translations, shows original meanings of Hebrew and Greek words, as well as contextual information, and much more.

Logos Software

Logos has a downloadable base package that is completely free. Users can add additional content, including commentaries, bible versions, books, and other literature as they choose. There is even a “Free Book Of The Month”. This software is less user friendly than the Tyndale tool mentioned above, and would be more suited for intermediate to advanced users.

The Net Bible

The translators notes on this version are a fantastic resource.

The Bible Project

Visual storytelling meets the bible. Videos explaining not only the theme of each book of the bible, but also how God’s story is revealed through the entirety of scripture, and how everything is connected. provides a comprehensive Biblical and theological education from world-class professors to encourage spiritual growth and equip leaders in the church.

LDS History Class

“If Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain” (1 Corinthians 15:14). Everything we believe as Christians literally depends on the truthfulness of this one verse.  If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead the very foundation of our faith crumbles.

“Joseph Smith was a prophet of God who restored the true Christian faith to the earth.”  For Latter Day Saints everything they believe literally depends on the truthfulness of this one statement.  If Joseph Smith wasn’t a prophet the very foundation of their faith crumbles.  

Check out this video series for an in-depth and thorough examination of the history of the LDS Church – a history that most LDS Church members have never heard. Along the way you’ll become better equipped to have meaningful, knowledgeable conversations with your LDS friends, neighbors, and family members about the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.