Each week we will update the reading list and post questions for you to consider after reading.

Week 2

Monday, January 4th – Genesis 4; Matthew 4; Ezra 4; Acts 4

Tuesday, January 5th – Genesis 5; Matthew 5; Ezra 5; Acts 5

Wednesday, January 6th – Genesis 6; Matthew 6; Ezra 6; Acts 6

Thursday, January 7th – Genesis 7; Matthew 7; Ezra 7; Acts 7

Friday, January 8th – Genesis 8; Matthew 8; Ezra 8; Acts 8

Saturday, January 9th – Genesis 9-10; Matthew 9; Ezra 9; Acts 9

Sunday, January 10th – Genesis 11; Matthew 10; Ezra 10; Acts 10

Questions to consider:

What does the name “Cain” mean? And what does “Abel” mean? Do the meanings of the names give any insight into what the story is about, or about the two men’s characters? (Genesis 4)

How are you being “salt and light” in the world around you? In your neighborhood? In your workplace? (Matthew 5)

Did the letter from Darius help or hinder the building of the temple? (Ezra 6)

What was Stephen presenting to those who heard him? (Acts 7)

What was the first thing Noah did after leaving the ark? What does this say about Noah’s character? (Genesis 8)

Who was Jesus dining with in Matthew 9? Why did this upset the Pharisees? What does this tell us about who we are to minister to? (Matthew 9)

What is the significance of Peter’s vision and new understanding about who could be saved? (Acts 10)

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