Each week we will update the reading list and post questions for you to consider after reading.

Week 5

Monday, January 25th – Genesis 26; Matthew 25; Esther 2; Acts 25

Tuesday, January 26th – Genesis 27; Matthew 26; Esther 3; Acts 26

Wednesday, January 27th – Genesis 28; Matthew 27; Esther 4; Acts 27

Thursday, January 28th – Genesis 29; Matthew 28; Esther 5; Acts 28

Friday, January 29th – Genesis 30; Mark 1; Esther 6; Romans 1

Saturday, January 30th – Genesis 31; Mark 2; Esther 7; Romans 2

Sunday, January 31st – Genesis 32; Mark 3; Esther 8; Romans 3

Questions to consider:

What promises did God make to Isaac? What is the significance? (Genesis 26)

Contrast the attitudes of the disciples and Jesus about the woman that poured the expensive perfume on Jesus. What makes the disciples react negatively? Contrast the actions of the woman and Judas. What do you think motivates each? (Matthew 26)

What do you see of Paul’s confidence in God throughout Acts 27?

List several reasons why it would have been hard for Esther to seek an audience with the king. (Esther 5)

How are we to feel concerning our obligation to present the Word of God to everyone? (Romans 1:15)

Give examples of people today who claim to worship the true God but also participate in sinful practices like people around them. (Genesis 31)

Who alone can forgive sins? (Mark 2)


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