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    Theology Corps – October 31st

    I’m really excited to invite you to a new men’s ministry called Theology Corps! We have been working for a while on this, and we believe that it will help equip the men of Redemption Church. We¬†will meet once a month to go through Systematic Theology, Hermeneutics, overview of the

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    Exiles With a Purpose – 1 Peter Sermon Series

    This Sunday on September 13, we are starting a new sermon series called “Exiles With a Purpose,” a study on 1 Peter. The word exile is often a negative word meaning that a person has been banished from a community. For instance, Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled as a political criminal

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    Counting the Cost – New Sermon Series (Aug 2)

    When Jesus started His earthly ministry, one of the first things He did was go to common, ordinary men: fishermen, tax collectors, blue-collar workers. He told them, “Follow me.” Those who followed Jesus we call disciples. Literally, disciple means “student.” Disciples were common in first-century Israel. If you wanted to