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  • Esther Timeline and Map

    As we dig into the Esther series, we’ve put together a map and a timeline to help place Esther in its historical context. Timeline of Babylonian Exile and Persian Rule at the Time of Esther Map of Persia

  • Esther Resources

    Hey Redemption Church, As we dig into Esther in the coming months, I’d encourage you to take some time to read through Esther and do your own study. Feel free to ask questions as they arise and also check out some of the resources below. Great Overview Video of Esther

  • Intro to Esther

    Background In 586BC, Jerusalem is destroyed with¬†fire by the Babylonian army. From 605BC – 586BC, Babylon forces¬†Israel to deport to Babylon as slaves of the empire. This all happens because of Israel’s repeated disobedience to God and lust after other false idols. God provides prophet after prophet to warn Israel